#7 – David Guetta

David Guetta Ruined Pop Music

I don’t mind pop music. It has a place in society… Clubs where you can get a double vodka for a quid, as backing on easy-to-watch TV shows or just to occupy the daily commute when the news gets boring. What I do mind is crappy pop music. The songs where it is just one hook, played over and over again, with a crappy, middle of the road house beat in the background and that ‘whooosh-ing’ sound that heralds the chorus/drop like the met office promising a great summer guarantees a shitty one. (I’m bitter about that too, but I’ll not start.)

David Guetta is, in my opinion, responsible for so much of this awful music that I barely know where to start. He is not the only producer who makes it, and he is definitely not the worst, but he is almost certainly the most visible. In the last two years or so he has been behind an awful lot of crappy songs. The worst of which has got to be that abortion by the Black Eyed Peas, ‘I Gotta Feelin’.

Another thing I don’t understand is why he insists on being named on everything he does. The best producers are known about but don’t feel the need to advertise themselves on the front cover of an album. Does Rick Rubin insist on having ‘Featuring Rick Rubin’ on the front cover of the Beastie Boys’ albums? Or any of the other enormous acts that he’s worked with for that matter? No. So why does everything that Guetta produce have his name on the front of it?! Then he also features in their videos. Smiling and pumping his fist and playing with the crossfader as if he’s actually doing something behind the decks other than diddly-freakin’-squat!

At this point I just want to say that I’m not hating on the man himself or his abilities as a club DJ. By all accounts he’s good and uses his position as a figurehead in the House scene to promote new producers and DJ’s. And I’m sure he’s a great guy and all that, blah blah blah. What I want to do is ask him to please, please, stop. He’s encouraging a generation of artists who seem incapable of writing a lyric that doesn’t repeat itself more than about a million times.

Akon’s ‘Sexy Bitch’: Damn girl / Sexy bitch / Damn girl / Sexy bitch…
David Guetta’s ‘Getting Over You’: And party / And party / And party…
Flo Rider’s ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’: Put your hands up / Put your hands up…
BEP’s ‘I Gotta Feelin’: Tonight’s gonna be a good night / Woo hoo…

Kids will look at songs like these and think ‘that’s cool, I want to have a tedious loop and shout something deriding and inane for 4.30 so I can be on X-Factor/America’s Got Talent and be a super famous musician’. I’m not saying the world needs more soulful singer-songwriters (one David Gray is enough, thank you) but that a little bit of talent wouldn’t go amiss.

Check this. From about 2:40 you’ll see what I’m on about with his knob fiddling…pause.


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3 responses to “#7 – David Guetta

  1. If you think I’m being mean then check out the comments on this blog post. They’ll more than make up for what I’ve said


  2. fantasticdamage

    By the way I disagree, see David Guetta Feat. Kid Cudi

  3. fantasticdamage

    I’m also not alone…

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