#14 – Sheffield Bands

Sheffield has always been known as a good place for music, even before the Arctic Monkeys existed. The Human League, Long Blondes, Moloko, Def Leppard and Pulp are all from the city and Warp Records was founded up here. What I’m getting at is there is a lot of locally grown music.

There are also a lot of bands that aren’t from here but meet at Uni, and here are three of my favourites from my time up here.

Clever Girl

One of the most interesting four piece bands I’ve come across in a while, they are different to anything I’ve heard before. My first experience of them came in a basement at a house party and it blew me away. It’s a conventional three piece lineup plus a front man who plays Sax. It’s really, really good. Have a look here, and if you like it they’ve got a link to download their ep, No Drum And Bass In The Jazz Room on the page.

Clever Girl – Teleblister

The Crookes

These guys met at Uni in 2008 and they’ve been playing good guitar pop music since then. It’s an inspiration to every group of musicians who meet at Univeristy that Steve Lamacq can pick up your music and call you his favourite new band of the year. Of slightly less importance is Noel Gallagher saying “they’ve got good lyrics. All bands from Sheffield have good lyrics”. But hey, a compliment’s a compliment, right? Check their Myspace. If you like them you can buy their latest ep here.

The Crookes – Backstreet Lovers

Jack Rabbit

A very new band for you now. They’re in second year at Sheffield University and they’ve just finished recording their first ep. It’s difficult to describe exactly what they sound like, especially considering they’re still trying to figure it out for themselves. They are a lovely bunch and the singing is very, very good. Check out their Myspace here.

Jack Rabbit – Waking Up To Find

Get the songs here.



I saw Jack Rabbit play the other night and I can now give you a bit more of an idea of their sound. It’s fantastically shoe-gazey, with a solid backline and some really nice sounding guitar parts that wash over you and occasionally break out into swish melodies. If you get a chance to see them soon then do. I’m sure their dates and stuff are online.

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