Music For Horses no. 3

Deerhunter / Phoenix

This week I’ve got another two songs for you. Once again they’re pretty electronic and super chilled. The first is a Diplo remix. He is one of my favourite DJ’s/producers of the past 4 years but up until now I’ve always though of him as someone I’d listen to when I’m out. But he’s gone and remixed Deerhunter and made it into something I’d listen to when I got in at the end of a long one.

Deerhunter – Helicopter (Diplo & Lunic Remix) [Buy]

Download it here.

Next up is a Devendra Banhart remix. Phoenix are awesome. Devendra Banhart is super kooky. This is the best of both thrown together. It’s a little irritatingly mixed as the drum track sounds horribly compressed on first listen, but it’s something you notice less and less. Even with this slight hitch, it is a fantastic version of a great song.

Phoenix – Rome (Neighbours & Devendra Banhart Remix) [Buy]

Download it here.


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2 responses to “Music For Horses no. 3

  1. 行銷

    Undoubtedly some of the best songs I’ve heard in ages. Nice one, cheers

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