Music For Horses no. 4

Gang Gang Dance / Trentemøller

A couple more songs, seeing as it’s Tuesday again.  First up is a song from 2 years ago that’s got a great vocal pad that repeats all the way through in the background. It’s slightly haunting but fantastic. It’s also got a very Mylo-esque synth part that’s layered on top. I think Mann is going to put up the song I’m thinking of soonish, so keep an eye out for that one.

Gang Gang Dance – House Jam
Download it here. Buy it here.

Now for some Trentemøller. It was inevitable that they would turn up seeing as I wrote 90% of my essays at uni to their chilled out sound. The song I’ve chosen isn’t necessarily the most obvious one, but it is still super relaxed. I’m a big fan of the squeaks that provide a broken rythm all the way through. It’s something that Four Tet does really well… There’s an idea for next week maybe!

Trentemøller – Prelude
Download it here.

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  1. 泳鏡 - Jamie

    Nice choices. Will be checking up for more. Also good photo… I’m definitely feeling it

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