Music For Horses no. 5

Grum / David E. Sugar

Rupert reporting: please listen to these two songs, it will only take 8.5 minutes of your life. Ideally make a cup of tea and drink it during this period. The first is by the electro artist Grum. I would also strongly advise  listening to the song ‘Heartbeats’ by the same artist, which is truly breathtaking, but not in-keeping with the relaxed theme of these posts. ‘La Lights’ is suitably 80’s with a really catchy chord sequence throughout. Soothing vocals and floating synth pads make this a great song to have an afternoon nap to (based on personal experience).

Grum – L.A. Lights

Download it here. Buy his songs here.

It is my belief that ‘Although You May Laugh’ by David E. Sugar held the torch of House Song (me and my house mates liked it) for a brief period during August 2010. With such a mighty accolade, I don’t think I need to explain this choice any further, please just listen to this song with the bass at an above average setting.

David E. Sugar – Although You May Laugh

Download it here. Buy his stuff here.


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