#17 – Cut Copy

Who’s for some Cut Copy? The super cool/slightly gay Aussie electro-rockers have got a new album out very soon and they’ve put up a couple of songs on the internet to whet our appetites. The first single was so-so, not quite what they do best. For me Cut Copy boss it when they’re indulging me with a wall of synths and semi-falsetto vocals. Anyway, this first song was called Where I’m Going and, as much as it pains me to say this, it was rather Kasabian. I’ll let you find it somewhere else. Instead of posting that song I’ll put up they’re newest single and an old favourite.

Cut Copy – Take Me Over

Yes, I know the bassline is a straight rip from Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere. But just listen to the bloody thing!! It’s excellent. As for the classic, it has been tough. In all honesty I could put up any of four or five songs, but I’ve had to settle. Keep your eyes peeled for some more Cut Copy, as the old Music For Horses may have something in it soon….

Cut Copy – Lights & Music

Get the songs here. Buy more Cut Copy here.

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