Music For Horses no. 7

Quantic / Cut Copy

First up is a song by Quantic, but that’s not why I’ve chosen it. For me it is all about the girl singing on this song, Alice Russell. She’s got an amazingly old sounding voice that sounds like it could be on a track from Motown in its heyday. It’s soft and sultry with a bit of smokeyness to it. As it is, the song itself is pretty damned good too. I’m also a big fan of the banjo in it.

Quantic – So Long Feat. Alice Russell
Get the song here. Buy Quantic songs here and Alice Russell’s stuff here.

Next up is some Cut Copy. Yes, I did put up songs by them a mere few days ago, but I can’t have a chilled out playlist and not include this song. It’s pretty much the perfect song from start to finish. And if you listen to the album it’s all mixed in wonderfully. At times it’s difficult to say what’s best about it, the songs or the little interludes that link them all together.

Cut Copy – Strangers In The Wind
Download the song here. Buy Cut Copy’s albums here.

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One response to “Music For Horses no. 7

  1. Jm3

    Liking the Quantic, but if your going to insist on putting one up with Alice Russel, it has to be “Sound of Everything” no?
    Or just put up some quantic soul orchestra or “Time is the Enemy”
    Love your work, love your work.

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