#23 – Gentleman’s Dub Club

On Tuesday night a bunch of our friends finished their semester at uni and decided that it was a prime opportunity to go out and drink more alcohol than responsible future doctors ought to. Being the easily led fool that I am, I followed them blindly around until I too was somewhat drunk. We ended up in Tuesday Club where a live band were playing. Gentleman’s Dub Club have played plenty of times before but I’d never made it to one of the shows they were headlining. A nine piece band with horns, sax, great drums and some heavy, heavy bass, they played for an hour and a half and blew the place apart. I got it on reliable authority that it was the best set they’ve played at Sheffield. Apparently. The lead single at the moment is Fire, which starts out as a really empty dub/reggae song and breaks into a ska ending that it is impossible not to dance to. The singer’s voice has a very similar quality to Matisyahu’s; slightly gravelly and an aggressive quality that’s perfect for live dub (obviously). The song I’m putting up was my highlight of the night. It’s got a Roots Manuva-esque quality to it from the rapper (at times slightly Shaggy, too), and the brass hook is quality. Imagine hearing this on an obscene sound system, with the bass jumping out at you and shaking you from the inside out.

Gentleman’s Dub Club – Gentleman’s Sleng Feat. Bongo Chilli

They’re at the tail end of a UK tour now, so if you get a chance pop down and see them. If not, put them on your ‘to-do’ list. Also, there’s a free track to download on their Myspace page. And check this live video of Run by them. It’s a good one.

Get the song here. Buy their EP here.

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