#24 – The Go! Team

This is only a quick one for you. I was fannying about on the internet the other day and I found out about this girl called Soko. It turns out she’s insanely fit and utterly crazy. She also happens to be a pretty good songwriter. She’s a little bit Regina Spektor, a little bit Coeur De Pirate and generally good girly singer-songwriters. Have a listen to the song I’ve been listening to on repeat over the last couple of weeks.

Soko – I’ll Kill Her
Get the song here. Buy her stuff here.

Anyway, moving onwards, I found out today that The Go! Team have just announced their new Ep and they’ve released a couple of B-sides in support of it. The first song features Beth from Best Coast on it, who have got that amazing song Boyfriend that came out about three months ago. Anyway, she does a good job on vocal duties for this song, even if it’s not as surf as their own stuff. It is a great pop song though.

The Go! Team – Buy Nothing Day f/ Beth Consentino

Finally here’s the song with Soko on it. It’s going to be on the other side of the Buy Nothing Day 7″ and it’s more of the same good music. Soko’s voice stands out nicely on the song. Expect to hear a lot about these two over the next month or two.

The Go! Team – I’m Not Satisfied f/ Soko
Buy more from The Go! Team here.

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