12 Days Of Christmas – 4th January

Optimash Prime sporting the Winter Collection

Only two songs left now. I know, it’s been a great journey through a bunch of songs you probably already know. But at least it’s been a fairly easy ride; nothing too pretentious or weird (I hope). For my penultimate song I’ve chosen another song from the 80’s and it’s got some good visuals too. They aren’t from the  music video though, rather from the film 500 Days Of Summer. The dance is how every man feels after getting some. Here you go, have some Hall & Oats.

Hall & Oats – You Make My Dreams Come True
Get the song here. Buy stuff here.


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2 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas – 4th January

  1. jeremy

    cool song choice. never heard it before btu it’s good.

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