#28 – Something Heavier

Okay, this isn’t going to be strictly punk, more like heavy indie. But it’s good and if you are so inclined you can always hit people in time with the pumping guitars. The first band I’m going to put up are one of my old favourites. I was lucky enough to see them before they broke up a couple of years ago and, while it wasn’t the greatest gig I’ve ever seen, it was sweet to see them after they’d announced they were calling it a day.
Be Your Own Pet – Fire Department
Buy them here. Right click above and ‘Save As’ to download the song.

This next band are a fairly new group from down Portsmouth way. They’re similar to BYOP in that they’ve got a hot girl singer and they like to play things fast and loud. All good things, I’m sure you’ll agree. They do seem to make more ‘English music’ though. It seems to me that BYOP are a little more edgy and, in the spirit of punk, more rough and ready. The guitar on Adventure is really harsh, whereas on this song by Fresh Legs the amount of reverb hints that they’re more indie. Maybe that’s just me. They have played with bands like Blood Red Shoes and the Maccabees, both of whom have much more polished albums than live shows (in a good way).

Fresh Legs – Sexy, So Sexy
Buy their songs here.

Finally here’s a now-defunct band called PENS. It’s rather upsetting that they aren’t together any more as they make noisy, DIY girl-thrash music stuff that’s really fun to listen to. The were London based and managed to get signed and put out a bunch of split singles. They also toured the UK with Wavves a couple of years back. And seeing as we’re on to Wavves, here’s a song by him too. It came out last summer and it’s a belter. His third album is an odd mix of surf-rock with thrashy bits interspersed throughout. And heavily distorted vocals throughout the whole thing. It’s good fun and it’s great when played nice and loud.

PENS – Freddy
Get their songs here.

Wavves – King of the Beach
Buy some Wavves songs here.

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  1. deltasone

    I really enjoyed the post. Will be cheking out PENS. Cool.:)

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