#35 – Alex Told Me To

Here’s a little something by a friend of ours, Alex Martin. He’s quite the fan of old blues and while on the phone yesterday we were discussing Bo Diddley. Anyway, he sent me a little selection of some of his favourites, so here they are.

I’ve always liked listening to original versions of songs made more famous by covers. All these songs have been made more famous by the likes of Rolling Stones, Hendrix and, err, Canned Heat.

Oh and then there’s a gem from Ray Charles (a cover no less) which I’ve put on here because it’s what I like to think the 60’s sounded like and can inexplicably imagine it being blared out of the Tannoy over Tracy Island.

Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley

Ray Charles – One Mint Julep

Henry Thomas – Bull Doze Blues

Robert Johnson – Stop Breakin’ Down Blues

Howlin’ Wolf – Killing Floor

Remember that to download the songs just right-click on the title and save as. To go and buy some old-timey music click here.

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