#41 – Les Savy Fav

Sorry it’s all been rather quiet this week, I’ve just started a new job and it’s bloody knackering. But as a thank you for being patient, here’s a very good song for you. It’s from New York’s original indie kids and the darlings of the blogging world Les Savy Fav. It’s a song off their latest record Root For Ruin and it’s a humdinger.

Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out Of Here [Buy]

Make sure you check back over the weekend though. We’ve got some Brazilian music, another installment in the Music for Horses playlist and reviews of James Blake and Cut Copy coming. Good stuff!


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2 responses to “#41 – Les Savy Fav

  1. Spudball's Number One Fan

    Can’t believe you’re only just blogging Les Savy. I thought this was a contemporary music blog?

    • I know… Disappointing or what?! I’ll actually get round to doing something proper on them at some point. Unless you fancy writing it?

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