#43 – How You Doin’ This Evening?

Today let me tell you about True Ingredients. They’re a UK based hip hop collective who draw influences from the good old rap of the 80’s. Good sounding beats, live brass and some good fun lyrics come as standard. What I like most about their album is how varied it is. ‘Hell Yeah’ is a rocky, guitar-based track with some awesome sounding drums and a meaty lead part. A couple of songs later you’ve got a song that sounds like it was written and recorded in some Cubana bar; horns, an awesome bassline and a rapper who sounds like he could have been on the East Coast in the 90’s.

If there’s one thing that lets the team down at times it can be the lyrics. While the singing is spot on, the content isn’t always as good. But as the group matures and moves forward I can’t see this being a problem. I’m hoping that they’ll get a gig at one of the less ‘pop’ Tuesday Club nights up in Sheffield, where I was lucky enough to see Ugly Duckling. It’s definitely the same kind of vibe and I remember that night being huge. I reckon True Ingredients would fill a bill like really well. These two songs are a couple of my hightlights off the album Prepare And Assemble. First is track 3, called ‘Hell Yeah’, which I mentioned above. (Funnily, the guy who’s got the opening rap sounds a bit like I imagine Omar off The Wire would… Just a thought.) Next is a song rapped in French which is ace: aggressive, jazzy and smokey, it’s got a good bit of everything I like in a rap song.

Think Jurrasic 5, People Under The Stairs, Ugly Duckling and Aesop Rock and J Dilla on the rap front and you’re looking in the right direction. If you like this bunch, you’ll like True Ingredients.

True Ingredients – Hell Yeah [Buy]

True Ingredients – Le Real Hip Hop [Buy]

If you like what you hear, go to their website, buy some sunglasses and get the album thrown in. Neat.


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2 responses to “#43 – How You Doin’ This Evening?

  1. Steve

    Hey, thanks for posting about us and for letting us know by leaving a comment on our facebook =) That’s very kind of you! Glad you like what you hear. With any luck we’ll get the chance to play Sheffield sometime this year. I’ve played Under the Boardwalk before. Sheff rocks.
    Hope you’re well,
    True Ingredients

    • You’re welcome! I’m a massive fan, so keep on it. I’m hoping to come and catch you guys live soon. Let me know when you’re playing in London and I’ll be there with bells on. Keep me posted with some new stuff too…

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