#51 – The Playlist Presents…

There is a website out there called The Playlist Presents… It is very good. Okay, I should probably be a little bit more descriptive. It is a music and film website that does a very good job of making playlists in the style of certain artists. Here is a little roundup of some of my favourite songs they’ve put up and what playlist they’re off. They have been part of the big indieWIRE for about a year now, which they’re rather pleased about (rightly so!). Some of the playlists are rather old, but they’ve stood the test of time rather like a good bottle of wine. So settle down and if you like it you can go and visit them at The Playlist. To see their old playlists, you can hit them up here.

New Order – Regret (Sofia Coppola) [Buy]

100 Proof (Aged In Soul) – Somebody’s Been Sleeping
(Quentin Tarantino) [Buy]

Eric Bachman – Little Bird (David Gordon Green) [Buy]

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton – Our Hell (Cameron Crowe) [Buy]

Leonard Cohen – So Long, Marianne (Wes Anderson) [Buy]

I posted this final song back in December and it’s so good it deserves to be put up again!

Feist – Mushaboom [The Postal Service Remix] (Michael Gondry) [Buy]

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