#53 – The East Coast Fights Back

After the relative success of last month’s post on West Coast rap by Jimmy, I’ve got the East Coasts’ reply. Actually, I can take very little credit for this. I owe a lot to Josh, Rob, Dave and Jimmy, as they were the ones throwing one good song after another at each other in some kind of friendly, Facebook rap war. After the dust had settled and the empty casings hit the ground, 19 songs had been put up. Here are my picks of the bunch. Guys, thank you.

Cormega – Beautiful Mind [Buy]

Rakim – When I B On Tha Mic [Buy]

Jay-Z – D’evils [Buy]

Wu Tang Clan – Triumph [Buy]

By picking these songs I’ve missed out some classics from A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, GZA, Biggie, Mobb Deep and NaS, to name but a few. One that I couldn’t miss out is this one from the Beastie Boys though. It’s just too good to miss out. So here’s the bonus track.

Beastie Boys – An Open Letter To NYC [Buy]

If can think of any gaping omissions (East or West coast!) then let us know below and who knows, we might get round to doing a part 3…

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One response to “#53 – The East Coast Fights Back

  1. neil cake

    I just discovered the late Big L. He is literally the best MC I’ve heard since Wu-Tang first came out.

    I particularly recommend, “I Won’t”.

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