#62 – What’s That You Say… Summer?

It seems like we can rightly go and start talking about how amazing the summer is going to be about now. After all, where I am we’ve had three days in a row of glorious(ish) sun and in my book that’s good enough. Before you point it out, yes, I am very aware that by saying this I am probably destined for a summer of shitty weather, a shitty job and nothing fun to look forward to. But I will have this little mixtape to listen to. And that will go some way to brightening up the grey days.

It is 2 hours of electronic funky gloriousness. When I was listening to it with some friends over the weekend we coined the term ‘Gaylectro’ for this kind of unashamed, fun, dancey and more-than-a-little camp style of music. Thank you Mr Congreave for making this for us.

Expect to see more summery stuff coming up as the weather gets a little warmer and then as I start to rebel about the fact that it’s gone and got all crappy again. Bloody England.

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