Music For Horses no. 18

Bombay Dub Orchestra // Netsky

This installment is a couple of songs that have been recommended to me by people at work. The first is from Bombay Dub Orchestra. They manage to fuse cinematic classical music with traditional Indian instruments and melodies in a way that doesn’t patronise either genre. They also draw influences from Trip Hop, electronic, ambient / lounge and – if some of the promo for the next album is right – reggae. It’s a good long song too, coming in at just under seven and a half minutes, so you can just sit back and enjoy this instrumental.

Bombay Dub Orchestra – Amina [Buy]

The second song is a Drum & Bass song. I kid you not. It’s from Netsky’s debut album, which got a lot of hype this time last year. Seeing as I’m not a D&B head it passed me by but then another guy at work played it to me and I was blown away. The way it opens – with the sound of waves lapping at the beach – is a pretty big giveaway that the song isn’t going to be the kind to listen to while you’re buzzing. It’s one for the end of the night; the rich bass, the vocal from Bev Lee Harling and the epic sense of the song means that I think it fits in to this old playlist pretty snugly.

Netsky – Let’s Leave Tomorrow Feat. Bev Lee Harling [Buy]

As usual, all you can see all the songs we’ve uploaded on the Music For Horses tab at the top of the page. And to listen to the playlist in two parts head over to 8tracks so you don’t have to keep pressing play.

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