#63 – Some New Stuff

Here’s a little collection of songs that are doing the rounds at the moments and that I like. First up we’ve got some Holy Ghost!, signed to one of the most consistently excellent labels, DFA. This is a new song from the band that’s floating about for free off the label’s Soundcloud as a bit of promo for their eponymous debut album which is due out on 25th April. For now, content yourselves with this…

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See [Buy]

Now we’ve got a song by emerging ‘Night Pop’ duo Alpines. I’m not so sure about the name of the genre they’re giving themselves (how many different ‘… Pop’ categories do we really need?!) but it’s a fairly big, bold song that’s well written and generally pretty enjoyable. In a dark way. So I guess ‘Night Pop’ probably isn’t too far off the mark. Anyway, I was sent it by the lovely people over at Track In The Box who send a track a day for free. All they want is your email address. Here’s the video for Alpine’s song ‘Ice & Arrows’.

This next song is something to get excited about. Metronomy are going to be back this year with a new album called The English Riviera, due out in a couple of weeks on 11th April. This is the first track I’ve heard off it and it’s got me all excited. Darker than some of their older songs, it is oddly catchy and it gets better with every listen. So listen lots! You can also get it free off their website, so go there to download it.

Metronomy – She Wants [Buy]

As a little extra Metronomy, here’s the Ghostpoet remix of their new song ‘The Look’. You can watch the video for the new one on their website and it’s pretty fun too. While the original is a low key affair, this remix takes much of the tune away and replaces it with dub-heavy synths and bass. Well worth listening to through a big set of speakers. It’s a strangely good song: this may sound like a false compliment, but I really did enjoy it. Calling it a remix probably does it a disservice though, as it barely references the original.

Metronomy – The Look (Ghostpoet Remix) [Buy]

I’m going to finish up with a song that was sent my way a little over a week ago (I think). I’ve been enjoying it a lot on my absurdly early journey in to work. It’s properly grown up electronic pop music. The backing track is superb. It drives forward and the production, but a certain Egon Ramberget is spot on. It’s just the right amount of pop. The two brothers who are Fort Fairfield live up in Sweden and are working on an album to be called The Straw Boys. Apparently this version of the song, with a vocal from de Montevert, won’t be on the album though. According to Tom, one of the brothers, the song is either a gay anthem or just a song about de Montevert chilling with her peeps playing play station and saving a fox. I’ll let you choose.

Fort Fairfield – My Boys (With de Montevert) [Buy]

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