#64 – I Can’t Think Of A Good Title

I think there’s going to be a very vague theme to this post, but I can’t be sure. I’m not going to worry too much about it though!

The first thing I want to talk about is a band called The Bishops, who I went and saw live last week at 93 East on Brick Lane. They were very good. Lead singer and lead guitarist Mike Bishop worked the crowd well and sang incredibly well considering how much he was bouncing around for the 45 or so minutes they were playing. The band apparently recently played their 500th gig and you can tell that they tour. They’re tight, the drumming is good and they clearly enjoy being on stage together. Their sound is a little Kaiser Chiefs (due to Mike’s vocals, not due to them being largely shit), a little folky at times, and surprisingly New Wave. It’s also very bass-driven, which is pretty much always guaranteed to endear a band to me. Their stand-out track is ‘Nowhere To Run’, off their EP Sojourn, which came out a couple of weeks ago. It is a great single and it’s got a damn good video to boot. You can watch that here, and listen to it just below. You can also buy the EP from their website.

Next up is a singer I found courtesy of Mayor McCa. He’s a tall Canadian with a big beard and a cracking taste in music. And he’s also a pretty damn good musician in his own right. This was on his Facebook wall and it’s outstanding. Sung by Julie Fader, the song slowly grows, thanks to the drums holding off coming in until almost 2 minutes in and the distorted, bassy electric guitar always hinting at something bigger that comes in the chorus riff. To point out the horribly obvious, she sounds in parts like Laura Marling, Bat For Lashes, Kate Bush and some other female singer-songwriters who are good. However she has a lot to offer if this song is anything to go by. Her voice is warm and soft. It’s like being hugged. Remember the Cup-a-Soup adverts with the big furry hug things? That’s what I’m imagining (without the crappy soup though, obviously). Anyway, get your ears around this.

I am going to finish by putting up a couple of songs by Ed Sheeran. He is rather big now and I have now idea why I haven’t written about him sooner. But let’s not dwell on that. It’s pretty, very radio friendly and well written pop sung by what could be our answer to a folksy-pop artist like Jason Mraz. Yeah, I think he’s pretty good. So what?? Anyway, girls do and will continue to love this guy as he goes onwards and upwards.

Ed Sheeran – Little Bird [Buy]

Ed Sheeran – Lately Feat. Devlin [Buy]

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