#65 – Bo Ningen

These guys are something else. I had the chance to go and see them last week and I was gutted I couldn’t go. They played in Sheffield (probably about a year ago now. Damn!) and the surprised in so many ways. Largely because I didn’t have a clue what to expect. Four tall, super-skinny Japanese guys with the some of the longest black hair I’ve ever seen on either sex could really only go one of two ways. Either they would be awesome and blow everyone out of the water. Or they’d get bottled off stage. Fortunately for them and everyone near the front, they were awesome. And there’s still one of their broken guitars behind the decks at the venue too. How’s that for a bit of Rock and Roll memorabilia?? Hard Rock Cafe my lefticle.

I wish I could remember what they’d played at the time but I don’t think this blog even existed back then. I do remember singer Taigen’s immediately recognisable vocals and the heavy / punky / urgent / psychedelic sound very clearly. They were turned up very loud and they put on one of the more memorable shows I’ve ever seen. With one of the most unique sounds that I have ever had the chance to listen to (how about “krautcore like a 1960s ad man’s nightmare vision of what a 21st-century rock band would be like”), I can’t recommend them enough. And if you ever get tickets dangled in front of you, grab the damn things.

Bo Ningen – Psychedelic Misemono Goya [Buy]

Bo Ningen – Atami [Buy]

Bo Ningen – Kage [Buy]


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2 responses to “#65 – Bo Ningen

  1. neil cake

    they didn’t look tall when I saw them. How tall are you?

    • Shorter than you apparently!! I think the only way for me to clear this one up is to go and see them again. Win-win, methinks

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