#66 – WIN WIN // Thunder Power

How good is that?! The video was made for Vice Records by Colin Devin Moore and it is awesome and the song is awesome. It gets a massive thumbs up from us lot at the blog! It’s Alexis Hot Chip singing over the top of WIN WIN, which is XXXChange, Chris Devlin and Ghostdad (all of whom have their own good stuff on the go too).  While this video might not be entirely suitable for epileptics, they should listen to the song with their eyes closed. I really like it.

Next is a band who are doing a bit of an appeal. It’s not a bad idea actually… They want to raise $2000 to record their album and they’ve got a pretty well thought-out scheme to get people to donate. For $5 you get a pre-release download of a single off the album, $10 gets you a digital copy of the album, $75 gets you a bunch of older releases plus a vinyl copy of the album. This carries on up to $500 which will get you a song written for you! The album is going to be finished by July, so it’s not even a particularly long wait to get your moneys’ worth. Anyway, if you fancy it have a look here. And seeing as you probably don’t want to just hand over your money blindly, here’s a live video they recorded recently and an oldie from the band.

Thunder Power – (Why Don’t You Go) Take a Hike [Buy]

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