#70 – Charlie Blacksmoke

Actually, it’s Charlie Blacksmoke and The Swamp Energy Mass Choir, but that looked a bit messy as a title. It’s the latest project of Memphis-ian Mr Blacksmoke and the single he’s put out off his soon-to-arrive EP is a cracker. It’s called Hippy Glue and it’s a great song that’s got a lot of Jamie Lidell about it; soulful and funky while playing with electronic sounds in a way that messes with genres. All in all, it makes it very difficult to pigeonhole. The vocals are a real treat, too. He’s got a quality that is easily recognisable and it would be a real shame if this guy didn’t go places.

You can stream the song below and if you like it make sure to pop over to his Bandcamp page where you can get your grubby paws of the mix for free. What a cracking treat! And for more stuff that he’s produced and featured on the pop on over to his Soundcloud.

Charlie Blacksmoke and The Swamp Energy Mass Choir – Hippy Glue (Extreme Super Death Moon Mix) [Free Download]

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  1. I, too love the latest from Charlie Blacksmoke!!! GREAT REVIEW!!

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