#72 – YΔCHT

No, that’s not me shouting. It’s how they spell it. Although, you should listen to them. So maybe you should imagine me raising me voice a little while I’m talking about them. YΔCHT are Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans, with Robert “Bobby Birdman” Kieswetter and Jeffrey “Jerusalem” Brodsky joining them for the live shows. They make pretty cool electronic-based music that fits in rather wonderfully with the output of all their DFA labelmates. But they definitely don’t blend into the crowd; Claire’s vocals have yet to disappoint and some of the production quality on their output is really impressive. I’m a particular fan of how tracks like ‘Summer Song’ seem like they should be seven minute, LCD-esque epics yet they are done in half that. It’s a testament to the way the songs are written and put together that you get to the end of them and wonder what just happened and why it stopped.

Anyway, they’ve recently put out the song ‘Dystopia’, which is a little bit James Murphy, a little bit Frou Frou and oddly a little Beatles, among other influences. It’s got a great disco beat that slowly pulls the song along, seemingly grudgingly at times. And for someone who really finds it difficult to focus on lyrics (they’re just not my thing!), this one is pretty damn good. Listen to it and a couple of older songs. If you like then tell everyone you know about YΔCHT and get a Δ tattoo or something.

YΔCHT – Dystopia

YΔCHT – Summer Song [Buy]

And here’s a little something extra that they’ve remixed. It’s a real treat, from the way they’ve treated the vocals and they way that they manage to make a fairly depressing song into a proper disco tune.

Noah & The Whale – Blue Skies (YΔCHT Remix) [Buy]

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  1. Wilbur Ward

    Did you see them at Bungalows the other year?..

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