#73 – Spector

Those guys are Spector. And among them is front-man and chief song writer Fred Macpherson. His voice has got an 80’s elegance about it that matches the grandiose production on their newest release, ‘Never Fade Away’. It’s due to be released in about a month on Luv Luv Luv Records, who look after Florence + The Machine and Coco + Fyfe, among others. Anyway, the song underneath is something of a lesson on how to write a pop song that references a period very obviously, while maintaining the breezy coolness that ‘contemporary’ brings. Listen, enjoy and tell your friends about it.


And now for a little something extra. You may or may not have seen the Abbey Road Debuts series on Channel 4. They did something similar a few years ago and it’s a similar formula to Later…, albeit on a smaller scale. Anyway, they’ve decided to start putting some of the songs on Soundcloud. Here’s one from Crystal Fighters that’s rather lovely.

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