Music For Horses no. 19

Chairlift // Feist

It has been a really long time since we’ve done an update on this playlist. Been slacking lately with my chilled music listening, largely because things haven’t really been chilled. Then I was listening to my iPod on shuffle and this song came on. Yes, it may be three years old now, but who cares?! With a vocal that pretty and a bassline that fun it is a cracker. And you can just close your eyes and imagine you’re somewhere so much nicer than wherever you are right now. Unless you’re already somewhere nice. In which case just enjoy the damn song.

Chairlift – Bruises [Buy]

Unusually, this installment is going to be two ‘Indie’ songs… no remixes in sight. That said, this song was at the root of quite a hubbub last year when James Blake covered it. It’s probably not unfair to say that his cover of ‘Limit To Your Love’ is what propelled him into the mainstream back in September/October 2010. In light of the fact that his version gets a lot of credit, I think it’s worth relistening to Feist’s original. It’s a delightful song and I can’t recommend the rest of the album, too. I’m looking forward to hearing more from her soon… Here’s hoping!

Feist – The Limit To Your Love [Buy]

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