#76 – Because It’s Sunny Out

Well, it is. And it has been for rather a long time. While it makes me wonder what on earth is going on with the seasons, ultimately it works out pretty nicely for me. Here are some songs that should be listened to while drinking a (fancy) cider in one of the Queen’s Parks with your friends. Maybe even in one of the sun loungers, if you’re prepared to get fleeced.

Toots & The Maytals – Take Me Home Country Road [Buy]

Barrington Levy – Here I Come [Buy]

I think I fell in love with this song because of Anchorman. In fact, I know I did. So, Mr Ferrell & co, thank you.

Isely Brothers – That Lady [Buy]

This next song, by The Heavy, has been played a lot thanks to featuring on The Fighter. I have yet to watch the film (for my sins, perhaps), but I have a good reason. I love Christian Bale, but I really cannot stand Mark ‘Marky Mark’ Wahlberg. And I really do mean that. So I will probably end up watching the movie, but if there was a way of making sure that none of the money I spend on it goes to him, then I would do that. Don’t let my diatribe distract from this song though, it’s really very good. And we’ll hopefully be doing a bit more on the band soon.

The Heavy – How You Like Me Now? [Buy]

Finally, this is hot off the press. RAC is a personal and a blog favourite and he’s just put this track up on his Soundcloud. You can download it from his Tumblr. It is very sunny!

Van McCoy & The Soul City Symphony – The Hustle (RAC Edit Feat. Troupe Gammage)

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  1. He felt that would be a much better place..This song is a strong political message that is sugarcoated in a beautiful melody. Lennon realized that the softer approach would bring the song to a wider audience who hopefully would listen to his message..Lennon later felt that this song should have been a Lennon Ono collaboration. He got the idea from Yokos book which is a book of instructions with things like Imagine the sky crying… or Imagine youre a cloud. .Some people have wondered if Lennon included a message in the video for this song as well.

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