#77 – Super Mom Launch Party

So you might have heard about The Very Best putting out a new mixtape to celebrate mums. Or moms. Anyway, they did and it’s pretty good. At heart it’s still a mixtape, so there are hits and there are misses, but on the whole it is good. And there are a couple of reyt good ‘uns on it. To celebrate the release they’re putting on a party in London tomorrow night. Oh yeah, and it’s free. And if you’re one of the first 40 people to turn up you’ll get a free T-shirt. The only catch is that the whole thing kicks off at 8 so to get the free stuff you’ll pretty much have to take the afternoon off work. Anyway, we’ve got the details and some music after the drop…

I remember hearing a while back that Esau Mwamwaya isn’t allowed into the UK any more, thanks to him owning a carpet shop for quite some time and forgetting to pay tax on it. I’m not sure how true that is but if I’m right it means that TVB DJ set is basically going to be Radioclit with some afrobeat in there, which will be off the hook. I’m not sure what the Mumford & Sons DJ set will be like, but I guess there’s one good way of finding out. Here are a couple of songs off the mixtape (which you can get for free off their website) and a great old song featuring Esau from way back in 2007-ish.

As for tomorrow night, get down to Villain in Shoreditch (Great Eastern Street, EC2 3HX) for 8ish. And you can stay out nice and late, as they’ll be going well into the witching hours.

The Very Best – Super Mom

The Very Best – I Can Change Feat. LCD Soundsystem

MIA – Paper Planes (Esau Mwamwaya Remix) [Buy]

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