#78 – Remix Roundup

I did one of these a couple of weeks ago and it seemed to go down fairly well. So here are another four remixes that have been getting some plays this week. Some of them are spanking new, others aren’t so new. Either way, they’re worth listening to.

This first one is a bit of Nicki Minaj. She is great, no two ways about it. Her flow is awesome and her lyrics leave little to the imagination. Her delivery reminds me of old school Lil’ Kim. At times innocent and at time dripping with innuendo. Back to what I said earlier… She’s great. This song is a remix of her sample/cover of The Big Pink’s Dominoes. The original is a poppy electronic/rap song which is better than your average stuff in the charts and this remix turns it into some really heavy electro. It’s been slowed down to a dub tempo and the bass on it is huge. If I was out I would enjoy hearing this!

Nicki Minaj – Dominoes (Distance Remix) [Buy]

The next song has gone all Balearic on us. That’s a fun word. Balearic. Anyway, the original features on Holy Ghost!’s spanking new album that garnered some pretty awesome reviews. The original is DFA through and through, with a little bit of Cut Copy’s brand of gaylectro thrown in there. The remix is lounged out and extended. It makes you want to be on a beach in Croatia or something, chilling out and watching the bikini-clad girls wander by. Or if you are a bikini-clad girl, then watch whatever it is that you watch. Either way, this is an enjoyable 5:23 of music.

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See (CFCF Remix) [Buy]

New Zealand’s The Naked And Famous are a band I can’t make my mind up about. The original of the song below is fantastic. It’s got the big indie-electro sound that I like so much and the hook is awesome. Yet I felt that their album was a bit of a let down. Almost as if they put all of their best ideas into the one song and hoped it would get people into the album. I guess it worked on me.. Anyway, here we have an interesting remix from White Sea, who used to lend her vocals to M83 (notably on the song ‘Kim & Jessie’). It’s a track that take a little while to get going as it builds up to the hook, which really marks the crescendo of the remix; it is a good interpretation of a great song.

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood (White Sea Remix) [Buy]

Finally, a classic. I can’t really believe I’ve never put this song up. I guess maybe because everyone’s already heard it. In any case, here is the Erol Alkan remix of Hot Chip’s ‘Boy From School’. 10 minutes of a song that slowly builds towards that chorus of synths, vocals and bass.

Hot Chip – Boy From School (Erol Alkans Extended Re-Work) [Buy]

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