#82 – Lewis Floyd Henry

Hello all. Here’s a note about a guy called Lewis Floyd Henry and the fact that he’s playing a gig for some friends of mine soon. If you’ve not heard of him, Mr Henry is a busker who’s been creating quite the stir with his one-man-band setup and his Hendrix-esque voice. Not to mention the fact that the songs he makes a bloody good! His album, One Man & His 30w Pram, came out in February and he’s been ‘touring’ is since then. Which is to say, he’s been finding a spot in a UK city and playing.

It’s not pretentious music, it’s not madly complicated music, but it is bloody good fun. It deserves to be listened to loud with a drink in hand. Which is where my friends over at the After Church Club come in. On June 5th they’ve got him playing at Carnivale up in Shoreditch. It’s a free gig and there’s going to music – live and spun – from about 4pm. So do your shopping at the market and drop on in. To find out more about the After Church Club, go here. To find out more about Lewis Floyd Henry, just look down… If you don’t like these songs then frankly, I don’t understand you!

Lewis Floyd Henry – Man’s Ruin [Buy]

Lewis Floyd Henry – Sacred Gardens [Buy]

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