#83 – Weekly Roundup

Another week gone. And it’s been a pretty big one too. I quit my job on Friday  and I’m off halfway around the world today. So as my final roundup for a while I’m putting up some good songs! First up is hot off the press by the people behind HEARTSREVOLUTION. I remember the first ever Kitsuné compilation I got was number 6, which, for the record, is a bloody good one! They had a song it back then called ‘Ultraviolence’, which I really enjoyed. So imagine my happy face when this was sent along. It’s a fascinating song with a jarring melodic loop in the background that sets off Leyla Safai’s vocals wonderfully. The whole thing is melodic and very re-listenable. You’ll want to play it back-to-back a couple of times before you’re satisfied you’ve got all you can from your first listen(s).


Now for a producer called Bibio. This song is another electronic one, yet it’s a funky as anything from the 70’s. And it’s got an 80’s flute synth in the background. It’s a bit of an odd medley, but it’s very good fun. Bibio is James Wilkinson and he’s been making music for way over 10 years now. This is the only song I know by him, but I’ll soon change that. Enjoy ‘K Is For Kelson’.

Bibio – K Is For Kelson [Buy]

Beirut are one of those bands that I go back to again and again. And every time I do listen to the songs I’ve got, I wonder why I don’t listen to them more. Sadly, the most recent record I’ve got  is 2007’s The Flying Club Cup. And then I found this, which is a cover of a well known Brazilian song by Caetano Veloso. The Portuguese lyrics are sung wonderfully by Zach Condon and this ends up sounding like vintage Beirut.  It’s off a forthcoming compilation album called Red Hot + Rio 2, which is raising money for AIDS and is due out on June 28th.

Beirut – O’ Leaozinho [Buy]

Fourthly (is that a word?) is a song by Marques Toliver. An unusual name? Yes. A good musician? Undoubtedly. The song below showcases both his prodigious voice and ability to play the violin. It’s an interesting mix of Southern soul singing and hip-hop influence percussion. The strings serve to make the song ominous and the backing vocals only add to this. That said, it wants listening to outside, in the sun. He’s currently touring the UK until July and it looks like he’s playing a fair few outdoors gigs too. Ask and you shall receive…

Marques Toliver – Deep In My Heart [Buy]

I’m going to finish up with a little something from Visions Of Trees. I remember them playing in Sheffield quite a lot when I was up there and I never got out to see them. I regret that. This is the video for ‘Sometimes It Kills’, off the EP of the same name. It’s haunting compelling and epic. All at the same time! As an aside, they’re playing in Manchester on the 24th May at a free party. You just need to register your shit here.

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