Music For Horses no. 20

The Antlers // Amanda Mair

Good morning. Welcome back to the playlist that just keeps on giving chilled songs! This installment starts with The Antlers and a song off their brand new album, Burst Apart. It’s got something of old Phantom Planet about it (yes, they did more than just that one song), not to mention the obvious Radiohead nod. It’s moody, atmospheric and fantastically performed. The emotion in singer Peter Silberman’s voice is startling, yet the song never overloads you. This really is a cracking good ‘un. And if you like it then you can listen to some other Antlers stuff we’ve posted before.

The Antlers – Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out [Buy]

Next is a new artist from Sweden called Amanda Mair. She is all of sixteen years old, not that you’d know it. Her voice is tender but it doesn’t sound that young. The song is another moody one, using the delicate piano at the start as a platform to build a soaring and bewitching song. It reminds me of The Good Natured, but instead of synths Amanda uses strings and haunting backing vocals to create her sound. It’s a little difficult to find out much about her as she’s not got much of an online presence. I have heard her album is out at the start of June and it’ll be released on Labrador, an independent Swedish label.

Amanda Mair – House

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