#85 – Oh Land

Oh Land, the name Nanna Øland Fabricius performs under, is a real treat. She reminds me quite a lot of compatriots The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, although she is less influenced by the seventies (not hard, really). ‘Wolf & I’ is moody, swirling and for some reason it reminds me a Lauryn Hill song I liked when I was about 8. Not sure why! It has also got some proper bass on it. If you’ve got good headphones/speakers it’s great fun.

Oh Land – Wolf & I [Buy]

While ‘Wolf & I’ is very enjoyable, there’s something about this next song that makes it stand out. It’s not got the organs and minor harmonies that make ‘Wolf & I’ rather dark. Instead it’s got that Miike Snow disco feel to it. There’s also an innocence in her voice that doesn’t come across in the first song. ‘Sun Of A Gun’ is one for a night out. I’m just picturing her coming on stage to this song actually. I will be keeping an eye out for dates in London, that’s for sure.

Oh Land – Sun Of A Gun [Buy]


She also made me think of Austra, who we featured about two months ago. Anyway, her album is out in the UK and you can buy it from here. You can also download ‘Lose It’, the song that got me hooked, for free off RCRD LBL’s website. Just click on the title.

Austra – Lose It


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3 responses to “#85 – Oh Land

  1. myk

    Loving Oh Land!! sounds like “The Cardigans” + “Portishead” + “???”

    In love! Trippy, Nordic, smooth…

    Thank you Nanna…

  2. Emma

    Oh Land is amazing ❤ Just watched her new video for "White Nights," which has to be my favorite song from her! Check it out: http://www.vevo.com/watch/oh-land/white-nights/USSM21101055?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=watch&utm_campaign=Ohland_whitenights

  3. anna

    I thought ‘Wolf & I’ was ‘My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It)’ by En Vogue at the start 🙂

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