Music For Horses no. 21

Little Loud // Claude Debussy

Hi there. I shan’t keep you too long today, but these are two songs which are worth a minute (actually, back-to-back it’s about 12 minutes) of your time. They’re pretty good to have in the same post too, as one is originally from the 1940’s and the other is very contemporary. Anyway, we’ll start with the new one.

It’s from a Brighton-based producer/remixer called Little Loud. This song is the 80’s like you’ve never heard it before. It took me a while to realise it, but this is a reworking of Springsteen’s ‘Dancing In The Dark’. Obviously, Will Phillips has taken away the bombastic 80’s-ness that The Boss writes and this is instead a slow, pulsating cover. The real clincher is when the hook from the original song – that gentle synth in the background – is replicated so perfectly here.

Little Loud – Dancing In The Dark

Now onto what has, thanks to R-Patz, become a mainstay for emo/vamp thirteen year old girls. It’s a real shame, as it is a bloody good song. So I will pretend that Twilight never happened and that this song was never used in it. Instead I’m going to imagine putting it on in my room and fallling back on to my bed while I feel the world go by; nothing matters as Debussy’s classic ebbs gradually towards is crescendo, over and over again… Shit. They took that little pleasure away from me. In any case, really enjoy this. It’s magical.

Debussy – Clair De Lune [Buy]

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