#87 – Sorry It Was So Quiet

Hello all. Sorry about the hiatus but I’ve been up to all sorts, don’t you know. Here are 3 songs I’ve been listening to on my travels and three songs from my (rather backed up) inbox.

This old Bedouin Soundclash song is a classic in my book. Dancy yet rootsy, it is immensely listenable. And I listened to it a lot.

Bedouin Soundclash – Natural Right (Rude Bwoy)

Next is a disco classic. Which isn’t necessarily a great thing… That said, this song is (or should be) on everyone’s guilty pleasure list. If I ever hear this on a night out I think I will try and kiss the DJ, irrespective of gender and the subsequent fallout with my girlfriend. We also imaginatively changed the lyric “Baby give it up / Give it up, baby give it up” to “Ollie Ollie Hope / Ollie Hope… etc”. Sung in a Mancunian accent, there really is no better way to let a good friend know we’re thinking about him. Although I’m not sure he appreciates it as much as we all do.

KC & The Sunshine Band – Give It Up [Buy]

My final choice from the songs I’ve had on rotation the past six weeks is from German minimal duo Booka Shade. I have written countless last-minute essays to their album Movements and somehow that hasn’t ruined them for me. This song is pretty close to minimal techno perfection in my book.

Booka Shade – Body Language (Interpretation) [Buy]

I am gradually working my way through the hundreds (I kid you not) of emails in the blog’s inbox, so if you have sent something our way I will get to it. These are a couple of highlights from what I’ve been able to listen to so far though. The first song is from Is Tropical and it’s off their recently released album Native To on Kitsuné. It’s got a really great video to go with a cracking song.

Is Tropical – The Greeks [Buy]

Next is a follow-up on Spector, who we featured back in May here. ‘Never Fade Away’, their first release, has been remixed by the Scottish producer Debukas. He seems to like making retro sounding electronic music with a dash of the modern dubstep about it. This remix of Spector is lengthened and I can see it going down pretty well with DJ’s wanting to chill things out a bit. It’s funky, but not in a shit way. Well worth a listen!

Spector – Never Fade Away (Debukas Remix)

We’re going to finish up with the lead single off the new CSS album, La Liberación, due out in August on V2. It’s got summer plastered all over it. Reggae and tropical elements come together with the classic CSS sound and Lovefoxxx’s reliably awesome vocals to make a song that isn’t going to redefine any boundaries, but it will keep all you CSS fans out there looking forward to August 22nd. It also features Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, who lends Lovefoxxx a hand with the singing duties. It’s good.Head over to their website to get the song for free.

CSS – Hits Me Like A Rock [Download]

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