Review: Paul White – The Strange Dreams Of Paul White

This album by DJ and producer Paul White is something of a treat. He’s been making music, mixtapes and generally all kinds of trouble for quite some time now. This album actually came out two years ago, not that it makes it any less enjoyable.

When listening to or talking about any DJ who trawls through samples to make something special there is one name that immediately springs to mind, and rightly so. However, for the purposes of this little review (and to be a little contrary) we shan’t mention him. However, it should be said that Paul White stands up to comparison. His samples are incredibly varied, ranging from deep electronica to hip hop to vintage rock and roll.

What White does best is merge all of these genres under the umbrella of Hip Hop. The album flows delightfully, mixing between the songs with ease and keeping you guessing as to what is going to come next. It is pleasantly unpredictable, dropping from bassy electro to flamenco-styled guitar to entertaining dialogue clips in the space of a minute and a half.

Another feather in the album’s cap is that it’s just the right length. Clocking in at just under 40 minutes it doesn’t have time to tedious or self-indulgent while giving him a chance to show off his prodigious talent and record collection.

Staying the right side of the line that ambient/electronica straddles (between interesting/compelling and white noise) is no easy task. Yet at no point did I blank the music out, even while it was in the background; the Hip Hop influences engage with the listen all the way through. White has managed to make a genuinely interesting addition to the electronica subgenre that was created by our afore un-mentioned DJ. He also has plenty of other releases, so if you enjoy this there’s plenty more where it came from.

File next to: Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, The Avalanches, Illum Sphere. Oh, and DJ Shadow.

Listen to: Waiting For Time


Since this was written I’ve received an email about a new Paul White album called Rapping With Paul White. Apparently he made it because he’s always wanted to make a Hip Hop album, which is something that you can see from The Strange Dreams. As a taster give the track below a listen, which you can also download off his bandcamp for nothing! The album is due out around the 21st August on One-Handed Records.

Paul White – Trust Feat. Guilty Simpson


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3 responses to “Review: Paul White – The Strange Dreams Of Paul White

  1. Wilbur Ward

    I had him play at The Harley the other year he charged £50 and some weed and was amazing!

  2. That sounds like the kind of gig I would play. For a decent amount of weed, obviously! Gutted I missed it

    • Wilfred

      Everybody missed it, it was The Harley’s misguided 2 Poor 2 Pitch festival – there can’t have been more than 50 people there. I was only there because I was being paid to be!

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