#93 – Rolling In The Remixes

Umm. Yes, we do have (another) Adele remix. And it’s a pretty good one, to be honest! Hourglass Sea is possibly the best thing to have come out of Bradford. I know that expression is usually followed by a since… but I didn’t really think there was a since. He has remixed/remade the superb pop song into something that you can imagine being played by a synthy, rocky band with a drummer on angry drugs in the background. You should really turn this one up very loud. And if you like it then you can see him playing at Bungalows and Bears at the end of the month for Tramlines.

Adele – Rolling In The Deep (Hourglass Sea Remix)

How better to follow a remix like Hourglass Sea’s than by some pretty synth from RAC. He’s taken a shot at remixing some rap, namely a song by Theophilus London (who remixed the Jamie xx’s version of Florence + The Machine’s ‘You’ve Got The Love’ a while back). When he put it up on his Tumblr he said he was way out of his comfort zone working on a rap song, as “you can pretty much do anything”. Well, he’s done a cracking job, bringing Sara from Tegan and Sara’s vocals forward nicely, taking the funky bassline and chilling it out some. It’s good fun and it’s been getting some good vibes, so listen up.

Theophilus London – Why Even Try (RAC Remix)

This next remix is an oldie from 2007. Late Of The Pier are a band that everyone who writes for this blog loves and none of us can understand 1) why more people don’t know them and 2) why they haven’t made any music in such a long time. Hopefully this will help them out a little on account of the first problem but sadly we can’t make them write. Anyway, it’s off Kitsuné 5 and it keeps all of the angry, Erol Alkan-produced guitar while adding some awesome synths and bass.

Late Of The Pier – Broken (Fairy Lights Mix) [Buy]

Jamie Lidell sent this song out to people on his mailing list at the end of last week with a message that was singing the praises of Pat Sansone. And understandably as he’s taken what was already a quality song, added thirty seconds to it (it’s still too short though) and adding some instrumentation to fill the song out. It’s new and it’s jolly good.

Jamie Lidell – Gypsy Blood (Pat Sansone Remix)

We’re going to finish up with an slightly older remix from Yeasayer’s 2010 album Odd Blood. I imagine everyone including your grandparents know the original, as it was used on TV spots the world over. What is a jumpy, staccato song has been mellowed out and made hypnotic. Teen Daze do tend to make pretty great music of their own, so feel free to check them out too.

Yeasayer – O.N.E (Teen Daze Remix)

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