#95 – Tramlines Teaser Part I

So what brings Wilbur crawling apologetically back from the woodwork? Tramlines of course! Sheffield’s annual sprawling, slightly incoherent, festival is again poised and ready to take the city by storm. With the official programme just released into the wild here I thought I’d lend a kindly hand and highlight some of the acts I’ve so graciously deemed worthy of your attention.

For part I I’d like to shine the spotlight on…..


Castrovalva – Donut


If you’re already aware of Leeds power-trio Castrovalva then bravo; you can take your leave after learning that they’ll be playing the Sunday of Tramlines at West Street Live. If you’re not then please read on. Castrovalva are one part metal, one part post-hardcore, one part grime and one part radsome! They act like a musical black hole pulling in any and all ideas but instead of crushing them in some crazy heavy dark-matter way, descriptions of which would only be done justice by the beautiful Brian Cox, they spew them out in perfectly pre-formed hard-rock-screamo-hip-hop-pop nuggets. Their debut record on Leeds ultra-hip label Brew, We Are A Unit, showcases their sound and drive delivered through harsh bass-driven rock with various pop grime overtones reminiscent of influences such as Prince, N.W.A, Notorious B.I.G, Lightning Bolt, Hella, Arab on radar, Death From Above 1979 & Oxes, whilst sounding satisfyingly like nothing else.

Mix it up this Tramlines weekend and stray, briefly, from the frenetic and furious musical delights offered by Rolo Tomassi and friends. Castrovalva, Sunday, West Street Live, be there.

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