#96 – Tramlines Teaser Part II

If you’re eagerly anticipating Tramlines as much as we are, then you’ll no doubt have noticed there’s been some big hitting local legends added to the bill recently; Heaven 17, The Kate Jackson (of Long Blondes fame) Group and Steve Edwards are heading up a Sheffield showcase on the Friday evening. It’s a great showing of former Sheffield musical powerhouses, but what of the showing from Sheffield’s current talent pool? Acts more in tune with those born after the 80’s? Well that’s where I thought I could be of use, I’d like to draw your attention to my favourite Sheffield band of this last year….


From the seven hills and matching a pair of muso brothers, a good friend and a host of electronic wizardry ABE make a noise distinctly different from the rest their local peers. I can only assume whilst their contemporaries were enjoying a certain romance with a popular band, from not too far afield, that the brothers Rogers were held under the spell of Animal Collective’s sixth studio album ‘Feels’ and were more than content to stay there. How they came across the work of Tare, Bear & Co in the first place I can’t be sure, but the diversity and vitality of Sheffield’s music scene thanks them for doing so. Taking cues and inspiration from the collective’s ethereal soundscapes, expansive pop and wild leaps of imagination the brother’s sound also encompasses ideas cultivated and pruned from myriad other influences. There’s the obvious nod of affection to Burial and an ability to incorporate the more refined aspects of the future garage and Slo-mo-house movement into their unorthodox palette. Also we have a band that cherry picked the elements of chill wave and dark wave that they feel work outside of a time and fashion limited micro-genre. As you can see above they’re also just as at home in the production studio as they are in the rehearsal rooms. If I were anal, or worked in a HMV I’d actually want to shop in, I’d file them next to Grizzy Bear, Animal Collective, Burial, Yeasayer, Baths, Tanlines and Caribou and say you’d do well not to miss this forward thinking bunch on Saturday of Tramlines at 8pm at Bungalows and Bears. For your delectation and salvation I offer this MP3 as an excuse for an article that does their sound no true justice.

ABE – Think Of More

There’s plenty more on Soundcloud.

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