#97 – Tramlines Teaser Part III

Spending a full day doing nothing leaves the mind free to wander (or wonder?). Such wandering led me to the realisation that, aside from an ill-advised stint at Loughborough University, I have yet to live outside of Yorkshire and a future move to Leeds does nothing to extend my borders. Fleeting panic was allayed when I discovered that I don’t need to move from my beloved Yorkshire when the most promising musicians and bands from around the UK are quite happy to move to me. Eagulls are such a band!


Eagulls, currently based in Leeds, are a product of the magical combination of University free time and relentless gigging. Formed from the ashes of Fast Point and Hordes they currently occupy a space somewhere between less disingenuous hipster-hardcore, metal and punk. They describe themselves as hardcore lovers who wanted to make a less raging version replete with strong melodic intricacies. This is evident on their pre-eminent single ‘Council Flat Blues‘ taken from their debut cassette EP (for a mere £1.50 Songs Of Prey cassette EP can be yours – email eagulls@hotmail.com) a song about George’s experiences of hanging around on the council estates as a young ‘un. Sounding like Leeds is a mere stop off on their spiritual journey back to Seattle in the 90s, the song makes an impressive noise with genuine aggression and production dripping in in toil and sweat.

Eagulls – Council Flat Blues [Buy]

It’s not just me who’s noticed either, Eagulls are the toast of the blogosphere and hotly tipped from DiS to Pitchfork. Not that they’ll appreciate the hordes of extra onlookers this is sure to bring to their shows.

‘A lot of my lyrics are about the anger I feel about the idiots around at the minute. I don’t see myself as someone who goes to all the gigs of hyped bands; I am completely against that. I think if you like a band, you should like them, and not just because everyone else likes them.’ George Eagulls

Don’t let that worry you though, go watch them on Saturday on The New Music Stage at Tramlines for your enjoyment, not theirs.

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