#99 – Rizzle Kicks

I’m about to break what I would imagine is a cardinal rule amongst bloggers and proper journalists, I’m aiming this post at a demographic of one; and that one just happens to be SF&L’s editor Sacha.  In addition to a carefree attitude towards rules I’m also blessed with a character flaw that I often like to excuse as a pro-active imagination. I find that, quite involuntarily, whenever there are gaps in my knowledge of any particular subject I have a tendency towards plugging them with guess-work and fabrication passed off as actual fact. This has led me to the decision that from what I do know of Sacha’s music taste I ‘know’ Rizzle Kicks will be the perfect distillation of said taste.

Rizzle Kicks

Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets

That’s it. Trumpets! I could leave it there, Sacha and Mark Ronson were obviously saxtuplets separated at birth, but that’s as much of a disservice to Sacha’s complex and varied taste as it is to Rizzle Kicks well honed (horned?) sound. Although they’re from Brighton the hip-hop duo have a distinctly Capital City cadence to their sound, possibly picked up whilst studying at the renowned BRIT stage school, something that our editor is sure to find alluring. The duo, presumably Mr Rizzle and Mr Kicks (or Jordan ‘Rizzle’ and Harley ‘Sylvester’ as Wikipedia would prefer) cover a broad musical spectrum rapping over everything from indie, soul, reggae, rock, pop and apparently mariachi but the majority of their output seems to suggest reggae, pop and soul is their favoured stomping ground. Are you reading this Sacha… Horns: Tick. Reggae: Tick. Soul: Tick. Pop: Tick. Hip-Hop: Tick. And what of the hip-hop elements that propel their tracks? It’s firmly rooted in the bright and breezy old school traditions of De La Soul, The Pharcyde and A Tribe Called Quest. Their lyrics plough the furrow of teen dreams and dilemmas played for fun and light-hearted kicks think Kerching! as opposed to Skins. They’re Capital City, old school crate diggers with throwaway fun lyrics and a love of reggae and soul, I therefore put it to you Sacha; that you should love them. What say you? [presuming you’re not one of the thousands of people who’ve already noticed they’ve been kicking around the charts for the past couple of weeks!]. No-one mention Olly Murs!

The official remix by the revered, by me at least, producer du jour Starslinger may be of interest too.

Rizzle Kicks – Down With The Trumpets (Star Slinger Remix)


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2 responses to “#99 – Rizzle Kicks

  1. Well, I’m flattered that you would want to dedicate an entire post to me. Especially when you’ve decided to focus on a couple of musicians who are making such enjoyable music. You’re right: I do like them. They are undoubtedly going to be a summer regular for me, if only because I’m listening to the radio at work.
    That said, I’d probably be listening to them even if I didn’t have to. I only hope they decide not to work with Mr Murs again…

  2. Anna

    I like this song. Catchy. Intro needs some work.

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