#100 – Cymbals

I’ve been pretty lax in keeping on top of things recently, sorry about that. To make up for it though, here’s a good new band from London Town. They got together about a year ago and they make some pretty cool, pretty lo-fi and generally pretty music. It’s all very simple, guitar-based stuff and I’ve been enjoying it a fair bit over the last few days. The track we’ve featured below is available for free off their Bandcamp page, where you can stream the rest of the EP it came off called Unlearn. They also released an album back in May on a limited 12″ run. Sadly they don’t seem to have any copies left, although I’m pretty a sure a reissue will be in order in the not-too-distant future as they continue on their upward trend. They’ve also featured on Noisey.com not too long ago, playing on an old Lightship and generally doing a bit of a meet and greet. It’s pretty good and seeing them live is pretty interesting. Very low key and modest, the live show is all about the music… No spinning drum kits à la Tommy Lee here, thank you very much.

Check out the song below and if you like it then follow the link to grab it. And check out the video over at Noisey for a bit of an introduction to the band.

Cymbals – Jane [Get it]

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