#102 – Something About The Radio

I’ve got to admit that I’m not a huge fan of the radio. Well, commercial, “mainstream” (my girlfriend will kill me for using that word!) radio, at any rate. Unfortunately in my current job we have got the radio on all the time. While it largely serves to prove me right (that it’s kinda crappy), there are occasionally good songs. Here is a little selection of songs that I’m not yet incredibly tired of. I may well be in a week, but right now I’m enjoying them when the DJ’s play them. Which leads me to my big question to radio DJ’s: do you like most of the songs you play? And if not, do you have a particular nice adjective you use to describer a song that you don’t like? Answers on a postcard please. Or in the comments below. Anyway, enjoy these songs.

Adele – Set Fire To The Rain

A powerful ballad and an awesome song off her second album that was released earlier this year. I thought her first album was pretty dull, if I’m being honest. I definitely was not a fan of ‘Chasing Pavements’, but on this new release she’s stepped up her game some. This is the current single getting all the airplay and, quite frankly, she deserves it.

The next song is a little old but I heard a new song by Jason Derulo and was a little disappointed. So I put up my favourite one. A good rule of thumb is if a song starts with a sung “Jaayssson Deruuulo” I will like. This song is why I think that.

Jason Derulo – In My Head

I heard this on Choice FM the other day and throughly enjoyed it. I am quite unashamedly a fan of Rihanna. Not only does she sound amazing, she’s not too shabby looking and she makes jolly good songs. I think she needs to be a little careful not to end up sounding like all of the other female pop or do that thing that Pink does and just write crappy songs with the occasional swear word in it. With songs like this though I don’t think she’s really got much to worry about.

Rihanna – Man Down

Next up is the current writer of choice for so many pop artists at the moment. He’s been writing songs seemingly forever and this is one of my favourites. It sums up  how I want to spend my life. Sadly I just get to listen to him singing about how he can sit on the couch holding on to his testicles while I’m at work. Such is life.

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song

This next choice will inevitably irritate me within a couple of weeks, and it will drive Rupert mad from the off. But I actually think it’s pretty good. At the moment. It was Single of the Week on Greg James’s Radio 1 show two weeks ago so I got to hear it every day. It’s amazing how conditioning can make you like just about anything! The song is pretty crappy quality, but if you like it you can buy it in a couple of weeks.

Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

To finish up here’s the debut from Maverick Sabre. It’s got the same kind of vibe as Lupe Fiasco’s debut song from back in 2006, ‘Daydreamin’. The song has got a soulful, vintage feel to it: Imagine a song made on Hipstamatic and you’re getting the idea. And he couldn’t sound any more different to the way he looks!

Maverick Sabre – Let Me Go

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