#107 – Little Foot Long Foot Told Me To

These guys are Little Foot Long Foot and they’ve taken our “Suchandsuch Told Me To” feature and added a little twist to it, by giving us a brief walkthrough of their new album called Oh, Hell. It’s pretty enlightening to hear the process that went into making the songs/choosing the names/general anecdotes about the band. The fact that it’s a cracker to listen to doesn’t hurt either: punky, angsty in all the right places, heavy and there’s a fair bit of good old-fashioned rock organ in there too. Keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of weeks for a full review, but for now this will get you salivating a little. You can listen to their lead single, ‘Sell Out While You Can’ here, and read about it at the bottom. Although you can probably figure it out from the title. If you want to listen to the songs they’re talking about, do that here.

Little Foot Long Foot – Sell Out While You Can

Neko Case Hate Fucks Kurt Cobain – We get more questions about the title of this song than anything else. It’s nice to finally deflect from the traditional ‘what does your band name mean?’ question. The title does not actually reflect the lyrical content – it started as a jokey way to call out the song in rehearsal, because we thought that’s kind of how the song sounds. There’s a country-ish vibe to the verse, and then a super angsty chorus with lots of good old fashioned feedback. It’s the best song to play live when we’re feeling aggressive. Caitlin sometimes smashes her head on her keyboard. The title just ended up sticking because we got such a strong response whenever we introduced the song live. Who doesn’t like a good old fashioned mention of hate fucking??

Missing the Point – This is the most personal/emotional song on the album for me (Joan). It might be the most sincere song I have ever written, actually, so it is of course strongly rooted in the blues vein. Isaac (the drummer) and I were in a relationship for three and a half years, so this is a reflection on the ending/aftermath. I guess you could consider it to be our ‘Don’t Speak’ (the No Doubt song…you know…the one where Gwen stares accussingly and sadly at the bassist, her ex boyfriend. Nice and awkward). There is of course a happy ending to this very sad song, as we are obviously still making music together and get along quite well. It was pretty weird though to sit in the studio while we were recording and have Isaac turn to me while the vocals were played back – he doesn’t usually hear the lyrics very well, so when he finally got a good listen he turned to me and said, ‘This is about me? Wow…that’s…sad’.

She Looks To You – The title of this song comes from an interesting night spent in the tiny town of Saint Andrews, New Brunswick.  We played a show at the local pub, entertaining many, in particular a man who had just accidentally cut off his finger that very day (it had been re-attached that afternoon. He was on a LOT of pain killers). Another audience member was the only policeman in town. He was in a ‘festive’ mood (ie. there would be no RIDE program in effect that evening). He took quite a shine to me. He was so shiny that I got slightly uncomfortable, and I hid near Isaac whenever I could. Policeman would close-talk to me about me being the second coming of Janis Joplin, and I would laugh awkwardly and look in Isaac’s direction as if to say ‘Help Me’. I did this enough times that eventually the cop took Isaac aside and sincerely and drunkenly said, ‘She looks to you. You don’t even know it.’  as if to inform him that I was harbouring a secret crush and Mr. Policeman would be our cupid. Also, our producer Ian Blurton claims that if we can ever get Robert Plant to listen to this song, he will fall in love with us. Does anybody know Robert Plant?

May – Sometimes I get in a very Jack Whitey kind of mood, and this is what comes out. We had a song called ‘Marriage Ain’t a Promise’ on the last album, and I guess this is sort of the sequel. While ‘Marriage’ was written solely as a cynical diatribe against the institution of monogamy and weddings, this one is its older sister/mother – somebody who used to live by that philosophy, but who is now older and asking a younger woman to not follow her path of shirking commitment. Tongue in cheek? Yes. Most definitely. Also – our producer said my vocal delivery sounds like Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Um…ok?

Sell Out While You Can – Exactly as the title suggests, our integrity and creativity are available for a price. Please make us an offer.

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