#111 – Remix. Remix. Remix.

Yes. That is correct. We have some remixes for your listening pleasure. The first is one that was sent our way by a certain DJ called Faux Pas. I like his name. And I like this track. The original song has been one of the most popular posts of the past four months, and for good reason. This remix (by one of the band!) has turned it into a bouncing, stripped down, dancehall vibe song while keeping some of the vocal elements that we all loved so much about the original song. Here’s the Faux Pas remix of Gotye’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’.

If you want to have a crack at remixing the song you can. The original stems for the song have been put online (here) for all and sundry to have a go at. If you do give it a shot and you think we’ll like it then please send it over!

Next is a remix of Marina And The Diamonds ‘Radioactive’ by lo-fi aficionados How To Dress Well. They have given the song a delightfully airy feel, taking away the popiest elements and turning it into a lo-fi euphoric epic. It sounds a little odd described, but I think it makes sense. Listen and judge for yourselves.

Marina & The Diamonds -Radioactive (How To Dress Well Rework)

We like Delorean a lot and the Spaniards have pulled a good one out of their bag of tricks for this Glasser remix. It’s got their fingerprints all over it, from the machined drums and Balearic feel to the tweaked vocals. It makes for a remix that’s worth listening to more than once (a good start, I’m sure you’ll agree) and one that will grow on you after every listen. When I’m out I want to hear this, especially if it’s been a decent day out. It compliments the sun perfectly.

Glasser – Treasury Of We (Delorean Remix)

We put up the original of this song last week (I think) and I subsequently found this remix. It is big. The song has been shredded apart by the Zen Death Squad; massive synths, a hip-hop vibe and a host of bassy add-ons combine to make a song that couldn’t be much further from the original. That said, it is still very enjoyable (otherwise we wouldn’t be putting it up here. Obviously.)

Trophy Wife – Microlite (Zen Death Squad Remix)

Time to finish up, and what better way to do it than with some dubstep. We recently posted a dubstep remix of Sia’s ‘Breathe Me’ and now with this you’d think that I’ve suddenly become a big fan of the ol’ Dubstep. Well, I haven’t really. I just enjoy the bottom-heavy sound and the space that it provides in the song. The Kill Van Kulls are not exactly known for these two characteristics but it’s nice to know that their music can be manipulated to create the bass you’ll hear in this remix.

Kill Van Kulls – Lost And Found (Swansong Remix)

So that’s it for our remixes for now. Fret not though, there’ll be more soon.


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4 responses to “#111 – Remix. Remix. Remix.

  1. Tomy

    we had a crack at remixing goyte

  2. I can’t find the stems for “somebody that I used to know” If someone knows where to get them for free I would appreciate you letting me know. Contact me at drewtweedymusic@gmail.com

    • I seem to remember reading that he’d put them up somewhere, but I can’t remember where I read that, sorry. You could do worse than send him a private message on Soundcloud or something though

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