Music For Horses no. 22

Blur // Big Spider’s Back

I’ve been trying to think of a good second song for this post for a little while now. I wanted something pretty guitar-based and from a band people would know, although a song they wouldn’t. Anyway, I ended up hearing todays second song and thinking that my previous brief could sod off.

The first song is a classic from Blur, and it’s so laid back it’s horizontal. It’s one everybody knows and one that nobody worth knowing dislikes. The song is so effortlessly cool. Damn, I love it!

Blur – Coffee & TV [Buy]

The second track (the one I mentioned above) is ‘Black Chow’ from Big Spider’s Back. It’s a lo-fi, psychedelic affair with a vocal hidden in and amongst the deep synths that layer to form this cracker of a song. Since hearing this on the August BIRP! playlist I’ve checked out a couple of more of Big Spider’s Back’s songs and enjoyed them equally. So get on it. If you want to know a bit more about the artist (real name Yair Rubinstein) then check out his page on label Circle Into Square.

Big Spider’s Back – Black Chow [Buy]

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