Music For Horses no. 23

Another Music For Horses, another Four Tet song. Granted, he’s only featured four times, but I’ve had him on the shortlist plenty more. And there is a very, very good reason for that: he makes a superb song to chill out to. The rolling percussing that Kieron Hebdon likes so much, as well as the bleeps and glitches that serve to flutter around like little butterflies combine with the samples and stems from the original song to create something that is both chilled and engaging. Which is no small task. This old remix of his of Thom Yorke is a perfect example of what they both do so well.

Thom Yorke – Atoms for Peace (Four Tet Remix) [Buy]

The second song is one stumbled across earlier buried in my music library. MC Lyte is a quality, quality old school rapper. She’s got such a chilled flow is practically horizontal and the beat on this track is the bare minimum. Bass drum, snare and high-hat with a simple loop . It’s the kind of beat that every MC should be able to rap to, only this ones shows them how to do it properly. My beef with this song is that it is just two minutes long. But that’s me being hard to please.

MC Lyte – The Emcee Feat. Milk D [Buy]

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