#116 – Laura Hocking In Your Ears

It’s not often that I’ll feature this kind of act. There are so very many female folk artists out there that it can become a little hard to distinguish between them all. Luckily Laura Hocking provides us with something a little different. She does draw influences from a familiar group of artists (Joanna Newsom, Joni Mitchell, Alison Krauss and so on) but the end result is something that sounds like all of them and none of them. Whether this comes from her quirky vocals or the superb string arrangements is something I can’t quite figure out. Anyway, having said all of this it’s probably about time you listened to some of her music. The stand-out track is ‘Talented Tailor’, which is on her debut EP with her band The Long Goodbye. Listen to it here.

You can stream the rest of the EP over at Soundcloud and you can buy it from her Bandcamp page for just a fiver. Simples. If you like what you hear, pop over to St Pancras Old Church tonight where she’s playing with the whole band and a bunch of other like-minded artists. More details here.

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