#117 – Introducing ‘We Cut Corners’

It’s been a jolly long time since I’ve done one of these posts, and now I’ve got two for you in (almost) as many days. Keep your eyes peeled for the other artist I’m introducing. For now though concentrate on Ireland’s We Cut Corners. A lot of noise was made at the start of the year about 2011 being the year that guitar bands would come back to the fore, largely because the BBC and their chums voted The Vaccines as their band to watch. How much this has been true is open for debate, but We Cut Corners would definitely help the ‘pro’ argument. They are a strong sounding band who make lots of noise behind some quirky vocals. You get a hint of the Irish accent – good for the ladies I know – and some pleasing harmonies.

There are just two of them behind the music, John Duignan singing and playing guitar and Conall O’Breachain hitting the drums, but they make an almighty racket on ‘Go Easy’. ‘A Pirate’s Life’ is a more subdued affair with quite the sense of humour about it. We’ve also got the video for ‘Go Easy’, which is jolly good and “arty”, which is to say there are boobies in it. Be sure to watch the video (obviously) but also to listen to the song seperately, as it’s well worth it.

If you like them pop over to their website to stream some songs, follow them on Twitter and buy their album, which is due out around the end of October on Delphi.

We Cut Corners – Go Easy

A Pirate’s Life

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