#122 – New Videos

Hello all. Here are some new videos that I reckon are probably worth about 3-4 minutes of time each. The first is from London’s Is Tropical. They’re currently touring the UK (with European and US dates following, in case you’re not from our little island) in support of their debut album Native To. This video to ‘Lies’ is a great song, a little more electric and little less “tropical” than some of their previous releases, and the video has got boobies in it. So if you’re a fan of them (these guys are) then definitely watch it. If you’re not, watch it anyway, because I reckon you’ll like the song.

Is Tropical – Lies

Next up is from Big Deal, with their new song ‘Chair’. It’s a nice slice of washy-guitars, female/male harmonies and cute indie. Which is perhaps a way of saying it’ll get played plenty for three months before it gets forgotten, but I’d hope not. In any case, watch the video and make your own mind up. I believe they’re touring with Cloud Control this Autumn, and you can see if they’re headed your way here.

Big Deal – Chair

Two down, two to go. Here we’ve got a new video from We Cut Corners, who were featured on our last post featuring new videos. This latest one, called ‘The Leopard’, is shot entirely on thermal cameras, which makes for a pretty surreal experience. It also makes me believe that maybe the Predator really can see like this and it’s not just a silly Hollywood addition… Make your mind up on this and other important musings by watching the video below.

We Cut Corners – The Leopard

To finish everything off here’s ‘Trouble’, from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. It’s safe to say the video is pretty odd, although I’m a big fan of the guy shaking the cocktail. The track is very “Joe Goddard”, which is to say blippy, glitchy and with tropical influences. The fact that it was released on Goddard’s Greco Roman label may have something to do with this. For you lucky Americans TEED is headed your way, kicking off in New York on 20th October.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosoars – Trouble

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